Anorak News | Chinese Dog Farmers Seek To Unify South And North Korean Meat Markets

Chinese Dog Farmers Seek To Unify South And North Korean Meat Markets

by | 30th, November 2010

CAN Ha Wenjin restore good diplomatic relations between China and North Korea? The Wikileaks leaks say that Chinese politicos seeking to get close to American politicos say that North Korea is a “spoiled child”. Well, so says the US politico under pressure to show how much progress he’s making in his despatches back to base.

The talk is of severed links between the Mr Kim’s North and big China. But Anorak has news of a secret North Korean cable (we intercepted Carrier Cockroach No. 555321 over Hong Kong) that says North Korea is delighted with the subterfuge and plot Dupe Imperialist Yankees is going well. Well, so says Our Man in Kowloon from his vacuum cleaner shop.

But what’s this got to do with Ha Wenkon? Well, she’s the Chinese women who’s adopted 1,500 stray dogs. She’s sold all her worldly good to fund the unofficial dog rescue centre in Tangquan County, Nanjing.

Says she:

“At first I did this in my spare time, but as I gathered more and more abandoned pets, I had to work full time for them.”

Wenkon also has a home for 200 adopted cats up the road.

Anorak is no expert is world affairs, but North Korea is hungry and one Chinese woman has a herd of 1,500 dogs and 200 cats.

The talk must not be of war with South Korea. The talk must be of driving these dogs south in a mass migration in the manner of wildebeest navigating the Serengeti plains or Home Counties sale shoppers on Oxford Street.

Bring on the anti-dogs of war. And put the news in a cable…

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