Anorak News | I’m A Celebrity: Gillian McKeith Flavours Her Sanitary Towels With Herb Cubes

I’m A Celebrity: Gillian McKeith Flavours Her Sanitary Towels With Herb Cubes

by | 1st, December 2010

GILLIAN McKeith aka Gillian The Reptilian, was rumbled in the jungle. The woman who sniffs poo and then tells the fat they are abnormal, who is phobic about everything besides cameras, says she is “so pleased now I’m away from it all“.

This was Gillian’s chance to get back on the telly, her rightful place (or so she surely imagines). She spoke in TV tones, stating that if she did not do as instructed she would never work in TV again – as if TV was an actual place with rules and bylaws and not a massive void waiting to be filled by the vapid and needy and anyone with bit of paper that says “EXPERT”.

Says Gillian in answer to the question: “What surprised you the most in the camp?”

“During one Celebrity Chest, we were told about the number of Google hits we’d been receiving. I was amazed by the amount of hits I’d had in the jungle. Then I thought, ‘Wow, how embarrassing. That’s because of the whole fainting thing’.”

What surprised Gillian was…Gillian.

Any one looking for Gillian’s turds will have to navigate her head.

“I have a very small bottom and it just grew it a bit when I went into the jungle. I had special secret pockets in my Marks & Spencer knickers that I made myself with the purpose of smuggling seasoning in. I felt very proud when they searched me on the first day and only found one garlic bulb.”


“…You can’t imagine the amount of herb cubes I had lined up in my sanitary liners!”

Yea we can. We just shouldn’t…

Want to see Gillian’s knickers? On Kayla..?


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