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Panda Bear Poos £30,000 Venus De Milo Statue

by | 3rd, December 2010

A PANDA bear has excreted a 24-inch high replica of the Venus de Milo. For panda bears these are hard times. Polar bears are getting all the bear action.

Whereas once the news was full of news of Moo-Wee trying to impregnate Wee Ha, all we get now is polar bears sat on tiny lumps of ice to illustrate the perils of global warming, and how hot-bodied polies are melting the icecaps .

So. Good news for pandas. But also the story pans out to be that the poos were not pre-formed as epic works of art but gathered and made that way by Zhu Cheng, a Chinese sculptor.

Swiss collector Uli Sigg, bought a statue of poo for 300,000 yuan (£30,000). Mr Sigg says that the statue is “full of creativity and innovation”. Also, a bit of bamboo shoot and gravel.

Says Zhu:

We made the statue in October. We took a clay mould of the statue and then pasted panda dung onto it using vegetable glue. I have been thinking about using panda dung in my work for years. After all, pandas are China’s national treasure, so anything relating to them is interesting.”

Indeed. But can the UK wow the art world with a similar offer? Anorak is already on it, working on a statue of a striped supermarket carrier bag made entirely of dog poo. Once completed the work will be hung from trees…

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