Anorak News | FIFA And Qatar’s World Cup Fix: The Fake Brietling Watch Gift

FIFA And Qatar’s World Cup Fix: The Fake Brietling Watch Gift

by | 3rd, December 2010

I HAVE absolutely no interest in football whatsoever. But here’s a true-life story for soccer fans weeping over FIFA’s World Cup preference for Russia and Qatar.

Last time I was in Qatar, booked into a 6* suite courtesy of [deleted for legal reasons], my stay coincided with that of FIFA reps there on official business. Returning to my room one evening I was delighted to find a wrapped gift on my bed. It was a beautiful Brietling watch. However, from the label, I quickly deduced I was not the intended beneficiary: it read something like ‘To our FIFA guest’. It transpired later the hotel had wrongly allocated me a FIFA suite.

What did I do with the watch? I tore up the de luxe box it was presented in and put the timepiece on my wrist. Finders keepers, dearies.

Last year the watch stopped so I took it to my local horologist for repair. After a minute he reappeared at the counter and handed me back the watch saying, ‘I’m sorry, it’s a fake. And our policy is not to repair brand fakes.’ I was sooo embarrassed.

What this says of Qatar or FIFA I cannot say.

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