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Peter Andre And Pollyanna Woodward: Photos, PR And Gossip

by | 5th, December 2010

PETER Andre, sentimental pop acorn fertilised by Katie Price’s jungle fingers, is to be named in the divorce of Channel Five’s Pollyanna Woodward and QVC’s Lee Clark. Well, so says the NoTW.

The talk is of text messages between the two. One night, Clark claims, there were over 100 texts. There is no proof of the pair having had a physical relationship – Woodward and Andre both say it was platonic – but this NoTW exclusive needs wings, so Carole Aye Maung and Neville Thurlbeck write:

Over the next few days Lee’s phone records show Pollyanna and Peter continued texting furiously.

What about frantically? Or orgasmically? Can you text ruttingly?


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And then we get:

He knew his wife – the daughter of a bishop – had met Peter at a dinner hosted by OK! magazine boss Richard Desmond

Anyone else read that and feel a sneer creeping on their face? A Channel Five presenter is making front-page news about alleged dalliances with an OK! stalwart. Yep. Channel Five and OK! are both owned by Richard Desmond.

Says Lee:

“One of the messages Peter sent my wife said, ‘I’m lying in my 8ft bed alone. Bored. Wish you were here.’ She replied, ‘I’m lying in my 6ft bed all alone too.’”

Does Peter Andre need an 8ft bed? Surely, a small child’s single would do? But, granted, that does seem flirty. But what about this one?

“In another text Polly told Peter, ‘Love you millions. Can’t wait to go shopping for your Xmas pressie. We’ll have loads of fun and a great day.’”

Lee than tells of his wife buying an outfit in Ann Summers:

“When she eventually came back several days later I checked her laptop and found she’d ordered £50 worth of chocolates from Hotel du Chocolat and had them delivered to a Mr P Andre. And she ordered a sexy little tartan bedroom outfit from Ann Summers. She’s never worn anything like that for me.”

The product placement is great, isn’t it? Lee Clark is Mr Selly Telly down to the bone. He adds:

“That’s why I’m divorcing her and naming Peter in the petition. This marriage was perfect until he started texting my wife. We were blissfully happy. But he turned her head and then her heart.”

This is a front-page exclusive lacking in substance. If the NoTW is to charge for such thing online it needs more. Says Pete’s spokesperson:

“Pete is staggered he could be named in this divorce… All he did was exchange some texts with a woman who said she was single. As soon as he learned she was married he ended the friendship and changed his number. How can this be grounds to be named in a divorce?”

Dunno. But it is news…

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