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Coronation Street Live: Peter Finally Dies From Smoke Inhalation

by | 9th, December 2010

CORONATION Street Live is gone. And with it go are Ashley Peacock, Peter Barlow and Molly Dobbs.

Peter was always going to die from smoke inhalation. But with his death, and those of Ashe and Molly, the average height of the Coronation Street case has raised a full half-inch to five-feet 2.

One other highlight was seeing which actor was the worst and which the best. You can tell a lot about a talent by the time the director and script writers trust them to be on screen. This is no slight on Rita Sullivan, who since reaching for the pix ’n’ mix has been mute and wooden for days.

The Winners:

Gary Windass: Captivating. He cried. He’s an ex-soldiers. Look out for an award and a rival to Ross Kemp fronting military awards dos.

Tyrone Dobbs: Is he acting? Does it hurt? Is he too old to be adopted?

Claire Peacock: Clur. Nutty, psychotic, shrill Clur. As soon as Ashley said, “I love my wife Claire ,Couldn’t live without her”, he was doomed.

The Losers:

Ciaran McCarthy: Still, the blood looked real.

Fizz Stape: At one point Fizz actually popped.

The missed chance: Not one student got onto the set.

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