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Liz Hurley And Shane Warne: Secrets And Photos

by | 12th, December 2010

LIZ Hurley is cheating on her husband with Shane Warne? Maybe. But, then, she did split from her husband four months ago.

The News of the World’s Stephen Moyes and Tina Campanella are pretty adamant:

LIZ Hurley has been caught in a steamy affair behind her husband’s back with cricket legend Shane Warne.

Anorak readers will recalls Liz’s wedding to Arun Nayar. The do began in 2007 and seems to have ended a few short weeks ago. Hello! magazine invested £2 million to secure the rights to broadcast the wedding.

We salivated over a 53-page album of “non-stop festivities”, “Bollywood dancing” and “spectacular fireworks”.

There was a meal of curry and, in clear tribute to Arun’s roots and glamour, spiced peas.

We chortled and begged for more when Liz’s father-in-law told us in his wedding speech:

“I once thought Liz was a lovely, unspoiled woman, but now I see that she is a very hard person. It was important for her to get celebrity faces there. That’s what the Hello! deal was about. She was fulfilling her contractual obligation. I knew she was very ambitious, but I never realised just how desperate she is for fame and attention.”

Now we learn about Warne and Hurley, “the secret lovers were captured on video in a series of sizzling public clinches.”

Secret lovers? Really? Hurley, that media savvy woman who’s made a career from a dress, has been caught out? We are taken to the Bentley Hotel in South Kensington – “a discreet place”.

When the less-than-discreet Hurley is meeting Warne:

She parked in a residents’ bay on a side street by the hotel and her face lit up when she spotted Warne – arguably the world’s greatest ever spin bowler – waiting for her outside the front entrance.

That secrecy may need some work.

The couple hugged and kissed passionately on the lips, locked in an embrace for a full 10 seconds.

Secretly. Then:

They were whisked to San Lorenzo restaurant in Chelsea – the late Princess Diana’s favourite. As the friends ate and drank and laughed the evening away Warne, in a blue v-neck jumper and jeans, repeatedly popped outside for a cigarette.


Back inside the suite the pair were all smiles as they later appeared together at the window looking down on the street below. Liz’s hair appeared wet and tousled as if she had just stepped from the shower.



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