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Alina Kabaeva Does Vogue: Putin’s Babe Photos

by | 14th, December 2010

COP a load of Alina Kabayeva, aka Alina Kabaeva, on the cover of Vogue. Alina is not another new Anna Chapman. Alina is the saucy Russian who won Olympic gold rhythmic gymnasts in Athens 2000, gained a seat in the Duma and – maybe, just maybe – shagged Vladimir Putin, singer, sportsman and lover.

Not that Putin has been Putin it about (geddit?). In 2008, he denied an affair. He did this while in the company of – get this – Silvio Berlusconi, and offered the syrupy line that Russian babes are…

“..the most talented and beautiful [although] If anyone can compete, it may be only Italian women.”

Moscow tabloid Moscovski Korrespondent (owned by Aleksandr Lebedev of the London Evening Standard and Independent titles) alleged that Putin had divovced his wife Ludmilla in a secret divorce in February 2007. It added that Putin would marry Alina in St Petersburg on June 15.

He didn’t. The allegation was made on April 12th. The paper fired its lead editor and stopped publishing before the end of the month. Lebedev wrote of political pressures hurting the organ:

The newspaper sank to the level of publishing rumours, “sensational” news stories backed up by nothing at all and of the lowest calibre. Furthermore, I now know that one of the most controversial pieces of gossip was custom-made and was printed in Moskovskiy Korrespondent as part of a personal vendetta against me. The chief editor frankly admitted that the editors might have been “taken in”. That was the last straw.

Then came rumours that Alina had had Putin’s baby. Alina wrote on her blog:

About rumors

Dear friends! I don’t normally comment rumors, but this time I’ve decided to make an exception. The reason being I cannot leave unanswered many warm words and wishes … On my site in the section “My life” I promised to tell about most important events in my life, about my family. Hence, when I become a mother (which hasn’t happen yet), I will certainly write about it. At any rate – I thank all those who congratulated me and showed their concern. Just for you I have compromised my principle: never to pay any attention to rumors.”

Of course, this being Russia, journalistic freedoms are not what they might be, and just because it’s not been reported in the mainstream media does not mean it is not true. Anyhow, while Vlad puffs up at being linked to a babe, you get to see Alina in her pomp:


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