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Bob Ainsworth’s Drugs U-Turn Is Self-Serving Politicking

by | 17th, December 2010

BOB Ainsworth stands in the small hole where Nick Clegg’s LibDems used to exists and calla for the legalisation of drugs. Bob used to be the Labour Government’s coordinator of Drugs and Organised Crime. He’s hung around druggy types and the effects may have rubbed off.  Says Bob:

Why didn’t I say these things when I was the Drugs Minister? The first reason was that I came into the job in 2001 with a traditional view of drugs policy; that prohibition worked. As I came to realise that, quite frankly, wasn’t the case, I was bound by collective responsibility, which comes with ministerial office.

Did you get that? The job of Government minister is not listen and reach a policy. The job is to toe the party line, even if it goes against what he has found out while being paid to do a specific job. You may read that and conclude that politics fails. You may suppose that our elected reps aren’t up to the job.

I had a choice; gradually move the policy on or cause a tiny splash by resigning. I chose the former and we made progress on treatment and education as a result.

But you say the policy is flawed. You say, prohibition does not work. But, sill, you sat there warming a ministerial seat and serving no useful purpose. And even now he fudges what on the face of it looks like a game move:

So what am I calling for? That’s simple. I believe that we should have an independent, evidence based review on drugs policy that looks at all options, including decriminalisation and legalisation.

Yes, readers, the Labour firebrand wants us to join the debate. Who needs drugs if you’re an MP and already on such a good thing..?

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