Anorak News | Julian Assange Shagged My Girlfriend: Wikileaks, Michael Hutchence And HIV

Julian Assange Shagged My Girlfriend: Wikileaks, Michael Hutchence And HIV

by | 19th, December 2010

JULIAN Assange: More threads of the rape allegations made against him by two Swedish woman are emerging. Should there be a trial, then all the details will be made public. This is Wikileaks – transparency is all, right?

David Rose thinks so. He’s the Daily Mail writer who brings the world:

The wildly promiscuous lifestyle of WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange: Look away now Jemima as our report reveals the sordid truth

Jemima is Jemima Khan, who bought her way into the Wikileaks story by posting part of Assange’s bail, grandstanding on the court steps and then wring about it in the Guardian. This is Jemima Khan, daughter to the late Sir James Goldsmith, the three-time married multi-millionaire who married his mistress. Don’t bother to look away, Jemima, there’s nothing to shock you here.

Rose is undaunted by fact goes on to reveal the essence of a chat with Wikileaks’s Swedish co-ordinator, who said “he repeatedly begged his boss to have the test, both to head off the possible police investigation and for Mr Assange’s own peace of mind, given his promiscuous sex life.”

The person’s name? Dunno. Rose does not tell us. Says the source:

“The two women told me, that if he goes to the clinic for an HIV test, then we won’t go to the police. I became the middleman in these negotiations. I felt that if Julian had agreed to have the HIV test, they would have dropped it. I told him, ‘Just do it, and anyway, it’s good for you, because you’re sleeping around.”

Single man Julian Assange has been shagging women? You’ve seen his dating profile (and noted the Asian teen stalkers). You’ve read his emails to a woman he tried to woo. Can it be that man in this 30s was having SEX – and not always bad sex, neither?

The source goes on:

“A lot of women were extremely attracted to Julian, and after a few minutes, they offered themselves to him. From my perspective, they were like groupies with Mick Jagger, and he takes these opportunities.”

Or like Michael Hutchence, Assange’s fellow rock star Australian. One anecdote has the INXS singer in a hotel. A waitress presses her number into his hands. The journalist he is with asks if Hutchence ever ties of the hassle. Hutchence smiles. No, he says. Sex with strangers is great.

Mr Assange’s British lawyer, Mark Stephens adss:

“If it is true that all the women really wanted was for him to be tested, and that this would have stopped the case, then it is very disappointing that it has got so far.”

So. What do we have in this scoop? Not much. But in a desperate attempt to add more sensation, Rose tells us about an encounter between Assange and a woman dating an American journalist. The woman goes off with Assange. The journalist – again unnamed – tells us:

“They were standing very close together a little way down the street, and Julian was whispering in her ear.” The writer approaches and Assange “dropped into a classic fighter’s pose, with his fists up”.

The writer goes on:

Assange seemed to take pleasure in humiliating me. He tried to take this woman away from me and then spent the night with two other women later in the week. It’s extraordinary.”

Depends what your shagging levels of are. Three women in a week during a Stag fortnight in Faliraki is paltry. Three women in a week at the Tory Party conference is pathetic and shameful.


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