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Stephen Griffiths Murdered Women Because The Law Says Prostitutes Are Criminals: Case Photos

by | 21st, December 2010

STEPHEN Griffiths: The so-called Crossbow Cannibal and daytime TV watcher is now serving a life sentence for murdering three women in Bradford.

And they were women first and foremost. The Evening Standard labels them “prostitutes”. So too does the Telegraph.

The police get it right, for once:

Bradford man has been given three life sentences for murdering women in the City

The inference is that prostitutes deserve it more than women. The women did not die because they were prostitutes. Griffiths did not kill because he was a student. The victims are all women. The killer is a man. The press is the bore at the drinks do, seeking to label people by their job. The Telegraph bills him as a “Criminology student”. “Oh, really. How very interesting? And what do you to in your spare time?”

At Leeds Crown Court, Griffiths, 40, is sent down for the murders of
Suzanne Blamires, 36, Shelley Armitage, 31, and 43-year-old Susan Rushworth.

Kirsty Rushworth – the 21-year-old daughter of Susan Rushworth – jabbed her finger at Griffiths and shouted “F****** c***.

As for Griffiths, well, he wanted to be famous. His crimes were overtaken by Derek Bird, who killed and damaged the lives of so many in Cumbria – the “TAXI TERMINATOR” was getting all the column inches. Griffiths cried for attention with two pathetic suicide attempts.

The Star screamed:


The Star told its readers that news on Page 13.

The Express mocked him:

The Bradford University criminology student was being held on remand at the jail where serial killer Dr Harold Shipman managed to hang himself in 2004.

Those Media Scores: Derrick Griffiths (Taxi Terminator) 12 – Stephen Griffiths (Crossbow Cannibal) 3 (Maybe)

Griffiths was always a sad case. He told West Yorkshire Police: “I’ve killed loads.”

He told the caretaker who saw the video of Griffiths murdering Ms Blamires:

“I’m Osama bin Laden.”

Again he boasted, telling police:

“I’ve killed a lot more than Suzanne Blamires – I’ve killed loads.”

Griffiths told police he has “eaten some of her“, adding “that’s part of the magic“.

Stephen Griffiths is a man who got way with murder for so long because he killed women who worked illegally as prostitutes on the street. The law makes the prostitute the criminal. And how fair can that be..?

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