Anorak News | Vince Cable Gets Head Start On LibDem Job Seekers

Vince Cable Gets Head Start On LibDem Job Seekers

by | 22nd, December 2010

VINCE Cable realises that to get a headstart on his LibDems colleagues when they start looking for jobs after the next election he must end his political career as fast as possible.

He could, of course resigns. But resignation will make him look principled, so ruling out a future in banking. Fortunately, Butlin’s entertainers and pro-am dancers need only two feet – and if the hoofer can get one dancing shoe in their mouth, so much the more impressive the spectacle.

No, better he undo his credibility. Cable was once the sage of Westminster – an impression based on his assessment that Gordon Brown was Mr Bean and that he’d never get into power. Now he is Rupert Murdoch’s best mate, having announced a war on the Australian publishing genius – and losing before he’d even saddled his pony.

Vince Cable would like Rupert Murdoch to know that he’s available for Got To Dance…

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