Anorak News | Bigoted USA: Homosexuals Can Now Serve Openly In The US Military

Bigoted USA: Homosexuals Can Now Serve Openly In The US Military

by | 22nd, December 2010

PRESIDENT Obama signed the law repealing the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ this morning. This country should be ashamed it ever had such prejudice against those of same sex preference from serving in the Military. However, look back at the history of this country’s prejudice against the Blacks serving and women serving, prejudice is par for the course for this country.

The Government has its head in the sand if it even thinks this is going to go smoothly and all the soldiers will accept it in time. The Military has taught prejudice too long towards homosexuals serving and that prejudice learned will not be undone just because President Obama signed his name to the law repealing the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Delegate Bob Marshall here in Virginia announced last week he is going to introduce legislation that would make the discriminatory policy the rule in the VA National Guard.

There is no doubt in my mind the Marines are going to present the biggest problem in accepting homosexuals. You can talk with all most any Marine who is serving or has served and their views on serving with homosexuals can only be described as disgusting listening to their rants against them. The prejudice against homosexuals is drilled into the Marine recruits in basic training. The Marine Generals had been pulling out all stops to try to keep homosexuals from being accepted in the Military. –Cheryl

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