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Joanna Yeates: Vincent Tabak Was Caught On Twitter

by | 23rd, January 2011

JOANNA YEATES: Vincent Tabak has been charged with the murder of Joanna Yeates. And that is Joanna Yeates. After weeks of trying to take ownership of the story, the Sunday Mirror joins the Daily Star is renaming Joanna Yeates “Joanne”.

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To the Sun – the only red-top not to try to change the dead women’s name – she remains “Our Jo”.


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As for news, the Express publishes its brief interview with Mr Tabak:

“I only come back here at weekends for now with all the upset. I wasn’t here on the night she went missing, I was away and I don’t know anyone who saw or heard anything. It’s very upsetting that something like this has happened. This is a nice, safe, friendly area.

“The feeling around here is not a nice one now, it’s as if the area has been blighted by what happened. We are all very sad about it, and although I didn’t know Miss Yeates, I am deeply saddened by what ­happened.”

And what of the case? Who tipped off the police?

The Daily Star has news:

DETECTIVES are set to question the brother of Vincent Tabak’s girlfriend after he boasted he was “100% certain” who would be charged over Joanna Yeates’ murder.

Careers adviser Gunter Morson, 33, declared in a tweet that he had been told who was going to be accused.

But the following day Gunter – younger brother of Mr Tabak’s long-term love, treasury analyst Tanja, 34 – had to correct himself. He said: “My source is an idiot and wrong!!”

What now for Chris Jefferies?.

The case is photos:


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