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Madeleine McCann: Breaking Into The Phone Hacking Scandal

by | 30th, January 2011

KATE and Gerry McCann will have their official Madeleine McCann book serialised in the Sun. Over in the Express, there is the talk of Team McCann having their calls hacked. It’s nothing to do with the News of the World and Andy Colson. But news is that McCanns might have had their calls hacked. Possibly. Maybe.

Writes James Murray:

The parents of the missing child are “furious after discovering attempts have been made to find out about phone calls they made to their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell”.

Fury. Always the fury.



But this is not a phone hack but a story about someone who, allegedly, wanted to know what calls the McCanns’ PR might have made or received? This story is not new but based on a BBC story one week earlier.

Jon Manel wondered is Mr Mitchell had had his phone’s voicemail hacked. Mitchell responded thus:

“I was always concerned that if some journalists were up to this sort of thing that I might be a target but I had no proof”…

However, he was provided with some information including details of calls made to Vodafone about his account. Two instances were drawn to his attention, the first one on 29 February 2008.

Mr Mitchell said: “The operator lists it, saying ‘a gentleman called wishing to check the phone’, as he gets calls each night from the number and wanting information and is a ‘witness on the CID trial for McCanns’.

“Well, that doesn’t make sense. It certainly wasn’t me that made that call. I would never use that phraseology and there was no such thing as a CID trial for the McCanns. It’s ridiculous.

“That appears to me to be a blatant attempt to get information about whose number it was and what was happening. Thankfully the operator didn’t give them anything.”

It sounds not a lot like a non-event.

But the Express sees more:

This week Mr Mitchell will pass his phone records to Scotland Yard. Kate and Gerry, both 42, have found nothing untoward on their phone statements, but are re-examining all their records.

More no news of Our Maddie to follow…

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