Anorak News | Christchurch Earthquake Site Blames Gays And Lesbians For Act Of God

Christchurch Earthquake Site Blames Gays And Lesbians For Act Of God

by | 24th, February 2011

IF you’re not making money from the New Zealand earthquake, you might be making a point that the natural disaster was triggered by lesbian and gays.

The site “Christchurch Earthquake – No More Poofter & Lesbian Festivals” is hosted in Orem in Utah. It’s hosted by Bluehost in Provo. Utah.

The site blames Gay Ski Week NZ for the deaths of tens of people and hundreds of lives made worse.

Do you know who runs this site? On it we are told:

The lesbians and the poofs shriek and rant that such things have nothing to do with them, or with God. They respond to God with their usual arrogance and hate.

And they will be sitting back comfortably in the cafes of Wellington and Ponsonby, while the Southland farmers are collecting the piles of dead new born lambs, while homes across Christchurch have no water, no power, while homes in the quake zone are unsafe to live in, but the mortgage payments are still racking up.

But God is really asking the question of the rest of us — how long will you tolerate the perversion, the child prostitution, the violence, the butch women and lesbians, these abominations of femininity, setting the education agenda for your children?

It is fantasy to think that Divine curses don’t operate in a world that was Divinely created.

It’s always intriguing when someone knows what God is thinking and what the Lord of all Creation’s prejudices are. After all, He created them too, right..?

Elsewhere on the site, we learn about Helen Clark, the married former Prime Minister of New Zealand:

Clark had been at the forefront of NZ efforts to sabotage the ANZUS alliance since at least the early 1980’s.

So why did she secretly commit Air New Zealand to be the troop carrier for US troops flying to the war-zones of the Middle East?

The answer – BLACKMAIL.

The Americans filmed NZ’s lesbian leadership in a prolonged threesome lesbian orgy – and gave NZ’s pervert leadership, an ultimatum:

“Stop the personal attacks on Dubya, and start contributing to the war effort. Otherwise, the videos of your latest threesome, go to the world’s media outlets”.

A lesbian orgy led New ZeaLand’s soldiers into war? Bloody hell – the Taliban must bs sooo jealous…

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