Anorak News | Japan’s Media Apocalypse: Daily Mail’s Richard Shears Sees Cowardly Japanese And Brave British Hookers

Japan’s Media Apocalypse: Daily Mail’s Richard Shears Sees Cowardly Japanese And Brave British Hookers

by | 19th, March 2011

JAPAN’S Media Apocalypse: Tokyo is dead. Well, it is according to the Daily Mail’s Richard Shears, who headlines his insight into life in the huge metropolis:

Dark days in ghost town of Tokyo: The deserted streets of a once vibrant capital now crippled by power cuts

The streets are not deserted. The Mail uses photos of a man walking down a street with mobile phones press to his ear. He wears no mask. It is night or very early in the morning? We are not told. The man looks calm.

Shears says “nobody wants to risk breathing the air“. (Best buy the canned stuff, then.)

Now Tokyo, usually so full of life by day and night, has the aura of death about it.

No. Its doesn’t. If Shears wants to experience the aura of death from somewhere other than his desk he should head north to where the tsunami struck.

You could find a few die-hard Brits and other expatriates who wouldn’t leave their beers on the counter in the party-time district of Roppongi for any threatening radioactive cloud, but mostly Tokyo has become eerily quiet. Nobody wants to venture out and the streets are deserted.

Hurrah for that great British spirit of getting pissed through the horror. We’re not like those Japanese who cower in their homes afraid of an unseen enemy. Even our prostitutes are game:

In Roppongi, the red-light district which is usually thick with crowds, where English girls play hostess to deceitful Japanese husbands, there was hardly a customer in sight.

A British hostess, who would give her name only as Jenny, was already on her way home before midnight, when usually business is thriving.

‘They’ve said I can leave early,’ the blonde, heavily wrapped in leather and furs, said in her north country accent.

God. It makes yer proud. (Wipes tear. Salutes flag.) Deceitful Japanese husbands hide in the shadows while our strapping British northern working girls stride out. Take yer best shot, Death. But it will cost yer (Y10,000 for a feel and Y50,000 for oral.)

But hold on. Shears sees others on the streets.

“…many businesses sent their workers home early in the hope of beating the evening rush hour. The result was long queues at stations for trains, many of which were suddenly cancelled because of fears that rolling blackouts would affect services.

So. Not deserted, then..?

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