Anorak News | Libya: Jingoistic News Of The World ‘Photoshops’ Tomahawk Missiles

Libya: Jingoistic News Of The World ‘Photoshops’ Tomahawk Missiles

by | 21st, March 2011

LIBYA: You know how the News of The World led with the jingoistic front-page headline that the Libyans loyal to Gaddafi (as well as anyone else in the area who might be collaterally damaged) were being “BLOWN TO BRITS”?

We were told:

A British submarine blasted a string of 20 Libyan air defence units after launching a storm of 112 deadly accurate Tomahawk missiles


Early in the briefing, Gortney said the attack involved “110 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from both U.S. and British ships and submarines.”  Later, a reporter asked: “Can you specify how many British ships were involved compared to the U.S. ships?”

“We had one British submarine,” Gortney said.

“And the rest were all U.S.?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

It’s the literary equivalent of photoshopping.

Such are the facts…


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