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Count Carl and Countess Nathalie Von Bismark Chew The Fat In Hello!

by | 23rd, March 2011

WHAT have Count Carl and Countess Nathalie Von Bismark been up to? Happily, that question can now be answered thanks to an interview in Hello! magazine.

“Countess Nathalie Von Bismark hitches up the chiffon hem of her Ralph Lauren gown to give a glimpse of a shapely leg encased in the softest white fur–lined Chanel boots.”

Hello! notes that “her raven tresses” offer a “neat Disney-esque contrast to the snowy backdrop”.

Is she a two-dimensional cartoon character? Nothing of it. Once upon a time Nathalie was fat in every way.

But before the tale of how she was saved by fat and how fat in turn saved her, we look about the “modernised wing of the 19th-century stately home”.

Carl, great-great grandson of Germany’s great chancellor Otto Von Bismark, shares this home with his dad, Ferdinand, the fourth Prince Von Bismark (and you thought Germany had no monarchy?) and his mum Elisabeth. Yep, Carl, 50, lives with his parents.

“Nathalie, who describes herself as a ‘Buddhist by heart’, has put her own stamp on their half with Morroccan hand-carved coffee tables and chairs, vast finjans (coffee cups) from Dubai and hand-made Tibetan silk-rugs.”

After the big mugs, you might think the interview had peaked. But no. Nathalie recalls their first meeting:

“I called my girlfriend and said I liked his middle name, which was ‘Graf’, and she said, ‘No, you idiot. Graf means count.’ Nathalie had no interest in being swept off her feet, having just broken up with her finacee of three years, but she was intrigued nonetheless.”

Now we get to the fat. Having delivered the line, “I had been blessed with good looks”, Hello! takes over and says Nathalie’s world (and toilet that smashed) “fell apart when her weight ballooned far more than was natural after she became pregnant with her first child”.

She is now a “willowy woman”, and thus restored to full life. But she is now a better person for having once been fat:

“God gave me the opportunity to be a skinny person in a big person’s body.”

She had been chosen to retain water. She wrote a book about it. She tells us:

“Society doesn’t care about obese people.”

Well, no. But thankfully, Nathalie is not one of them and thus able to appear in Hello!…

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