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Sian O’Callaghan: Chris Halliwell Is The Perfect Neighbour

by | 24th, March 2011

SIAN O’Callaghan: Her body has been was found near Wantage, not too far from the Uffington White Horse landmark in Oxfordshire. A man has been arrested an the Asda supermarket in north Swindon’s Orbital Centre. The suspect is a 47-year-old, divorced father of three who works, reportedly, as a mini cab driver for Five Star in Swindon. His name is Chris Halliwell.

A residence at Ashbury Avenue, Swindon, has been searched by police.

The Mail says:

And in a dramatic twist, the divorced father-of-three told them the location of a second body – which was earlier thought to be alongside the first – but further details have not yet emerged.


A Wiltshire Police spokesman said tonight: “Wiltshire Police would like to make it clear that while the location of two bodies has been identified to the Senior Investigating Officer, only one body has currently been found and this is believed to be Sian O’Callaghan. The second body has yet to be recovered.”

The Sun is less than gung-ho:

Neighbour, Brian Jerome, said Halliwell had moved in to the property with partner Heather Widdowson around five years ago. He said that she had lived there for around 15 years and had three children, while Halliwell was childless.

The 71-year-old ex-Rover worker added: “They are the sort of couple who you would choose to have as neighbours. I don’t like all this police activity. I’m in shock and I hope they have got it wrong.

The news media is sticking to the facts. The police are playing it by the book. In light of what happened to Chris Jefferies in the matter of Joanna Yeates, things are calm and ordered. Has the media learnt a lesson? Or is it just that the case moved too quickly and was overshadowed by bigger stories like Libya, the Budget and Japan for the sensation to take hold..?

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