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The EDL And Charlene Downes: Blackburn Anti-Muslim Protest Photos

by | 2nd, April 2011

THE English Defence League was demonstrating in Blackburn, Lancashire. today. The mother of Charlene Downes was there to talks to members of the EDL. Why?

In 2003, 14-year-old Charlene Downes kissed her mum goodbye. And then..?

Her body has not been discovered. Police are certain that Charlene as murdered. The police believed she had been sexually abused in a town rife with child sexual exploitation.  Two men were tried for her murder. They were  cleared. The case is still open.

Her mother said:

“I could not understand why the police did not put out information about Charlene on TV, and why only the local paper was interested in her disappearance,” said Downes. “I often wonder, if she had been from a posh family, and was having piano lessons, would they have tried harder to find her?”

What does this have to do with the EDL?

Iyad Albattikhi, 31, was formally cleared of Charlene’s murder and Mohammed Raveshi, 51, was acquitted of helping to dispose of her body


The prosecution in the 2007 trial alleged that Jordanian immigrant Mr Albattikhi, who owned Funny Boyz fast food shop in Blackpool, strangled the teenager after having sex with her.

The court heard Charlene was one of a number of young white girls who gravitated to the resort’s fast food shops to have sex with older men…

Prosecutors claimed either Mr Albattikhi, known as Eddie, or his Iranian landlord and business partner, Mr Raveshi, was having underage sex with her and they would be in trouble if the police found out.

Both men denied even knowing her.

Police started a murder inquiry when David Cassidy, a former friend of Mr Albattikhi, said the accused’s brother had told him the schoolgirl had been strangled and chopped up.

The rumour was that teenager had been placed in a kebab mincing machine, bones and all. Only:

Mr Reveshi said he would be seeking compensation for the two-and-a-half years he had spent in prison awaiting trial. He said: “It’s been a nightmare. This was shameful behaviour by the police. I’m very relieved because there was never any basis for this whole thing. This was an imaginary case. How can something like this happen when I’ve never been in trouble with the police before? I’ve never met this girl (Charlene). I don’t know the family, but I hope that she is alive somewhere.”

Charlene’s mother reportedly told the EDL (this on their website):

God bless you. You are our angels . . .You’re doing a great job. A job the police and the CPS are incapable of doing . . .We will fight, and fight on for justice.”

Anorak’s Karen blogs:

I’m watching the live stream and it seems there aren’t as many protestors as expected


LancsPolice: We estimate that there are around 2,000 people at the EDL demonstration [via Twitter]”


[Comment From Jammy]
so 80,000 facebook fans of EDL and only 2k turn up…… wow .. massive support there……”

Also the LT reporter says there are more shoppers than expected.

Apparently Jack Straw’s there as well.


lancstelegraph: CH: Police say 1,500 people in anti-EDL demo so far #blackburnprotests [via Twitter]


[Comment From Khan]
EDL come to our town, get drunk and fight amongest each other – This is the real face of EDL


974RockFM: Lancashire Police say they’ve made seven arrests at the #EDL demo and counter protest so far #UAF We’ll have the latest in the news at 3. [via Twitter]

Photos here


LancsPolice: Police are having some issues with a group of Asian youths and are trying to contain them. The counter demonstration has officially finished [via Twitter]


LancsPolice: Things in Blackburn have returned to normal. There are no outstanding problems with any groups from either group of demonstrators [via Twitter]

Quite uneventful then. The only fighting was between EDL members.

Can we conclude that the Far Left or the Far Right are the more violent?


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The mother of Charlene Downes talks to members of the English Defence League during an EDL demonstration in Blackburn, Lancashire.

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