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James Bulger’s Killer Robert Thompson’s Lads’ Holiday: You Outraged Now?

by | 6th, April 2011

JON Venables is in jail. So. It’s time to focus on Robert Thompson, the other of James Bulger’s killers. The Sun brings news of the child killer who killed as a child in its front-page headline:


Thompson’s trip overseas follows news that Jon Venables went on a holiday to Norway following his release.

The Sun tells us:

Thompson used his phoney new ID on his passport for a secret “lads’ trip” to Europe.

It wasn’t secret from the Ministry of Justice, which knew all about the trip and had assessed the dangers. They gave him his “phoney” passport. It was secret from us. It would have to have been secret because it’s been well documented that people would like to harm Robert Thompson. Were the authorities to tells us of his movements, he’d be in danger.

The Sun continues:

Like Venables, Thompson used the passport he was given bearing his secret new name as authorities bent over backwards to give the pair a new life.

Thompson carried out no crime while overseas. He has committed no crimes since the murder of James Bulger. He appears to have been rehabilitated. The authorities seem to have got it right. Still, the Sun needs someone to be outraged. Anyone like to guess who the paper calls? Yep, it’s James Bulger’s mother:

James Bulger’s mum was livid last night after The Sun uncovered details of the jaunt.

Her anger is understandable. But is the victim’s mother best placed to recast the law in her design?

Denise Fergus, 43, declared: “It’s disgusting. I was told I would be informed if the terms of their life licence were varied – and I should have been. I could at least have had the peace of mind of being able to ensure that I was not abroad at the same time as them.”

But she is in the same country as them now. Her argument carries no weight.

She added: “Criminals get all the attention and support and the victims are largely ignored.”

Well, that comment goes deep into the debate on punishment. What the purpose of jail is remains a work in progress.

The Sun’s Gary O’Shea and John Kay then remind readers that they too should be outraged:

Her son was snatched from a Merseyside shopping centre in 1993 and tortured to death for kicks. The killers served just eight years before being let out.

Are you outraged now?

Thompson’s was some time between 2006 and 2010 but the Ministry of Justice refused to disclose exactly when – or where.

Well, yes. Because if they do, we or the lads on the holiday might be able to work out Thompson’s new identity, and then the State will have to spend a small fortune giving him a new one – you know, bend over backwards to protect him.

The Sun was told he paid for his jolly out of his own pocket.

Still outraged?


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