Anorak News | Jay Z Loses His Mind And Becomes Fan Of Kerry Katona

Jay Z Loses His Mind And Becomes Fan Of Kerry Katona

by | 6th, April 2011

JAY-Z, for the most part, is a man you can trust. He’s given the world a frightening amount of great hip hop records, shared fine artists like Rihanna via his record label and, of course, he’s married to Beyonce which shows he has impeccable taste in the female form.

Or does he? You see, J-Hova has clearly lost his bap as he’s apparently come forward as a fan of Kerry Katona.

Was it her brief, airbrushed from history career in Atomic Kitten that drew him toward her? Did he really vibe off those Iceland prawn rings she lovingly slobbered over? Maybe he simply enjoyed the vast quantities of Class A drugs she could hoover up her eroding nostrils?

It may be a combination of these things as Mr Jigga says that he became interested in her after seeing some of the ITV-made fly-on-the-wall documentary.

An insider (or, if you prefer, Someone Trying To Drum Up Interest In Katona’s flailing programme) said:

“Jay was joking around telling us he’s fascinated by Kerry Katona.”

“He caught a glimpse of her TV show, a repeat from the last series, and said he found her mannerisms and wacky personality really entertaining. He’s a bit of a closet fan now.”

“He was intrigued by all the publicity she seems to get in the UK papers and magazines. He even mentioned she could be a Brit version of Kim Kardashian, who they love in the States.”

And now the rumour goes that Jay might fly Kerry out to the United States Of America so he can meet her, presumably, just to poke at her doughy flesh for a while to make sure she’s not just a figment of his imagination.

Hopefully, ITV camera crews will be on-hand to catch the horrifying moment when Jay Z actually realises that Katona’s schtick isn’t an act and that, in fact, she really is a trainwreck of which there have been no survivors.


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