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Anti-Cuts Occupation Of Trafalgar Square: Photos

by | 10th, April 2011

THE Anti-Cuts occupation of Trafalgar Square is ambitious in name. Overnight some tents went up in one area of the London landmark. It was all good natured and well behaved. One sign said that democracy has been “sold to the highest bidder”. Well, yes. The bankers are seeking to gain control of Portugal. We are supine.

Do we rise up? Do we seek permission to protest, lest we break the law?

Richard North highlights the limboing level of political debate in the mainstream media:

Picked up yesterday was this remarkable quote from the The Daily Telegraph, noting that: “If Tory members looked back at their 13 years in opposition they would, until recently, have comforted themselves with the thought that their party did at least become properly Eurosceptic during that wilderness period”.

This is Tim Mongomerie, editor of theConservative Home website…

While the elite and their cohorts pat backs, the rest of us wonder how the hell they get away with it..?


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People pitching tents to create a 24 hour camp 'Anti Cuts' occupation of Trafalgar Square, in central London.

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