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When Greens Go Rogue And Prepare For Violence

by | 14th, April 2011

THE election season is upon us and my old friend Mark Anthony France is out for electoral glory again, This time standing for the Greens in the Sidemoor Ward in Bromsgrove.

Mark France joined the Green Party after his dismal failure in last year’s General Election (0.7% of the vote). He joined the Green party on the day after the elections, stating that he saw the Greens as a safe haven for radical socialists.

He was, apparently, not slow in putting the same idea to his fellow lefties either. (Unless there is another Mark Anthony France, or the website’s poster is passing himself off as the Green candidate. If so, please let us know.) Extracts from the Socialist Unity web site below with spelling corrected:

“I feel that we need to get ready for a long hard battle. My instinct tells me that England at least the ‘left’ should ‘liquidate into the green party and try to give it new life. I feel that RESPECT should also liquidate into the green party. Green is a good colour as far as RESPECT’s Muslim base is concerned and also does no harm in the Irish electorate in Salma’s (Yaqoob) Hall Green constituency. Call me old fashioned but I also feel that ‘military’ preparations are in order. This is not a provocation. This crisis could deepen rapidly at some stage and will inevitably have a violent expression”

Comment by mark anthony france — 23 June, 2010 @ 7:11 pm

As you see, he appears to think that the Green party is a safe haven for the radical left and thinks that he and his kind can give it new life. He also believes that prospective voters choose who they vote for by their colours. No wonder communism lasted so long in the Eastern Bloc. Everyone likes red.

Later on the same site he gives us this –

“from my perspective the best approach would be to join the Green Party… and to attempt to stand revolutionary socialists under a Green Banner specifically stressing a ‘non violent’ road to socialism…… however, practically we should start acquiring weapons and the sort of cadre prepared to use them.”

Comment by mark anthony france — 3 August, 2010 @ 10:49 pm

Hardly the message that the Greens would want to come out is it? These messages are not hidden, I found them just by ‘googling’ Mark France and Socialist Unity. They and others of a similar nature are there for anyone with the inclination to read. He has further blotted his copybook by having himself photographed, grinning like a naughty schoolboy, alongside the damage in Oxford Street. He was there wearing a Unison hat and waving a Unison Flag. He is not a member of Unison. Unison is not too pleased and we are promised a letter from them in the Bromsgrove Standard this week.

Things came to a head last week when a kindly member of the local Labour party pointed out the photographs to the Local Green executive. On the 4th of April he was asked to stand down as a candidate for the Green Party. Cunningly ignoring this request until 32 minutes before the deadline to do so, he has refused to go. So Bromsgrove has a Green candidate who the party do not want. We can only hope the electorate don’t want him either. How do I know all this? How does anyone know this. We know because Mark France, in his arrogance and contempt for his own party, has published both the photographs and the email trail with the local Green executive on his Facebook site ‘Bromsgrove against the cuts’

Now, what I would like to know is this. Is it an isolated case of one green party candidate going rogue or can we expect to see the others flinging off their fairisle tank tops and donning camo or anarchist black? Will we see tweed caps discarded in favour of a Che beret and an AK47.

‘Freedom for Bromsgrove! See you on the barricades Brothers’


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