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Daily Mail Uses Koran Burning EDL Member To Attack Muslims

by | 18th, April 2011

TODAY’S anti-Muslim story is brought to you by the ever-busy “Daily Mail Reporter”. Andy Ryan, 32, and, reportedly a member of the English Defence League, has been sent to jail for 70 days for burning a copy of the Koran he stole from a library in Carlisle.

The story is not about Muslims. The story is about a thief who burns books.

But in the Mail the news becomes:

A man has been jailed for 70 days today after he burnt a copy of the Koran just over a month after a Muslim got away with a paltry £50 fine for a similar offence.

A similar offence? Which Muslim stole a book and burnt it but only scored a paltry fine?

Last month Emdadur Choudhury was fined after he burned a poppy outside the Royal Albert Hall in London on Remembrance Day while shouting ‘British soldiers burn in hell’.

Choudhury is a nutte who wanted to cause offence. He succeeded. But the big poppy he set light to was his own. He never stole it. The big fake poppy is also – and correct us if we are wrong – not a book. Also, we are not told of Ryan’s religion, although it is pretty safe bet that he is not a Muslim.

It then turns out that the Daily Mail is speaking the same language as the idiotic Ryan:

As he was led down to the cells, Ryan shouted at the judge at Carlisle Magistrates’ Court today: “What about burning poppies?

The Daily Mail agrees with Ryan. His question is echoed in the paper’s story. The Mail and Ryan may care to mull over the words of District Judge Gerald Chalk:

“This is a case of theatrical bigotry. It was pre-planned by you as you stole the book deliberately. You went out to cause maximum publicity and to cause distress.”

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