Anorak News | Barking Council Paints Yellow Lines On Pavement: Pedestrians Obey New Rules

Barking Council Paints Yellow Lines On Pavement: Pedestrians Obey New Rules

by | 19th, April 2011

THEY’VE painted yellow lines on the pavements of Ripple Road, Barking. They are Barking and Dagenham Council. Their offical words is thus:

“A number of measures have been brought in to tidy up the shopping parade near the Harrow pub. The lines were painted to provide a marked walkthrough for pedestrians outside the shops.” The spokesman added: “We’re going to gauge the reaction of local residents and shopkeepers over the next two to three months. Based on the views we get back, we’ll make a decision on whether to keep the lines or remove them.”

The lines are single yellows, allowing for loading, waiting and overnight parking between 6:30pm and 8:30 am. Anyone not obeying these rules should be clamped with a solid lead Ugg boot and ticketed.

Locals are invited to give their respsonses to the Barking & Dagenham Post:

“It just looks very silly. I don’t really know what it’s about.” Postmaster Sailesh Patel

“I thought it was ridiculous. I have no idea what they’re for. It seems very odd.” Local man, 29.

“They look pretty. I like it.”Ali Korkurt, 36, of the Chubby Friar fish and chip shop.

Surely this is all to the common good. The next sensible move is to introduce speed lanes, smoking lanes, and lights outside shops to prevents shoppers stepping onto the pavement and upsetting walkers in full stride.

What rules would you introduce for walkers, and why?

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