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Madeleine McCann: The Most Disgusting Our Maddy Story Ever

by | 20th, April 2011

MADELEINE McCANN: An innocent child is missing and a rabid news media is happy to keep her name to the fore so long as her mum and dad create news.

The Express says “CHAT show host Piers Morgan is favourite to clinch the first major TV interview with Kate McCann to kick start a new global campaign to find her daughter”.

“First major TV interview”? What of all the other major interviews? Are we now at Day Zero in the hunt for Our Maddy?

The next line is nothing less than hideous:

The former Britain’s Got Talent judge is in a bidding war with US rival Oprah Winfrey but is boasting: “I’ll get it.”

That might only be topped by what follows, words attributed to nameless source:

But a McCann source said: “The two giants of American chat shows are battling it out. The deal is not done but Piers is hot favourite.”

As Anorak reader Karen says:

“How very showbiz”

Madeleine McCann is a form of entertainment to be bid for. Are you entertained yet?


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