Anorak News | Guardian Readers Agree that Castro’s Cuba Cure’s Hurricanes

Guardian Readers Agree that Castro’s Cuba Cure’s Hurricanes

by | 21st, April 2011

CARLOS Eire tells Guardian readers about the state of life in Cuba. It’s not all that great. Castro’s brother is in charge, reforms are a joke and repression is all the rage. But Guardian readers see that a dictatorship as no bad thing. Like Elizabeth Farrelly says, communism gets things done.

Here’s one comment on the Guardian’s site:

A child born in Havana will still live longer than a child born in Washington.

But apparently the Amerikan ‘freedom’ to choose from several different types of salt/mobile phones/whatever, is more important than the education and health of the population.

Only a man resident in Amerika could write about “tyrants” with such a straight face. Your resident country has been illegally trying to kill Castro for decades.

Cuba is great because the locals can read what the State tells them to.

Another comment is nuts:

Haiti earthquake 300,000 dead.

Cuba’s worst 3 Hurricanes 30 dead total.

Typical black slave decedent in Cuba likely to have a university degree.

Typical black save decedent in Haiti likely to still be a (child) slave or have AIDS.

At least Cuba is no longer a US holiday brothel and drug/gamboling money laundering centre.

Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier or Field Castro. Who wins?

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