Anorak News | Britain’s Got Talent 2011 Week 2: Edward Reid, Razy And Finger Stuffing Michael McIntyre

Britain’s Got Talent 2011 Week 2: Edward Reid, Razy And Finger Stuffing Michael McIntyre

by | 23rd, April 2011

BRITAIN’S Got Talent 2011 – Week 2: the World’s Weakest and Strongest Fingers; Razzy dances, Edward Reid claps, and Michael McIntyre stuffs and old man:

Edward Reid sings nursey rhymes to the tune of Leona Lewis’ Run. Britain hasn’t got talent-  it’s got Edwardian parlour games:

“I teach a group called the Nifty Fifties which are pensioners. I teach them drama, which is a fantastic class. I like working with people with special needs, they seem to have amazing personalities. Somehow they have no inhibitions, so all the classes are always funny and entertaining. I used to work in a day centre and i used to walk about singing all the time and someone said to me, ‘You’ve got a nice voice,’ and I’ve never heard that before.”

Elaine’s Weakest Finger:

“I’m over 21, I’m from Manchester and I go to college. I’m doing a cookery course, learning soup and sauces.”

So said the would-be comic from Manchester with a dead-pan face. It proved to be her funniest line. Her finale featured a “fuck off ” to the audience and a raised finger. For this alone we should boo her. This is Britain, Elaine – it is two raised fingers or nothing. Get off!


Razy is from Romania. He can move like a wind-up bath toy:

“I’m originally from Romania and I’m over in Manchester two years ago because of my girlfriend. I’m doing this for us, for my girlfriend. You’ll see me performing today to make her so proud of me. When the movie Matrix came out, I said, ‘I want to do with my own body what Keanu Reeves does in the movie. I love dancing, it is my life. This means everything for me, if I go through it’s like my dream has come true.”

Razy gets emotionals. Michael McIntyre just gushes:

“Oh Razy. I loved you Razy. It was brilliant. There were things I’ve never seen humans do…that thing where you were lying on the floor, it was excellent. I loved you. I could carry on watching you. You are Neo from the Matrix.”

McIntrye proves once more that the awful thing on Britain’s Got Talent is the talent.

Mickey Gooch can do a one-finger press-up on a nail. No, not the sharp end – he’s not that talented. Tsk! Is anyone?

“I started doing karate in 1974, the act I’m going to do is extremely dangerous and daring and I train like a nutter, in airport lounges at Heathrow Airport, in disabled toilets, police stations, hospitals, back gardens, behind rubbish bins, I could chuck a water melon up and split it with my fingers. I’ve been on a seek and destroy mission, I’m going to do it whatever happens.”

NEXT! And hurry!!!!

Ted and Grace:

He’s 92. She’s 21. It’s  an Anna Nicole Smith tribute act? No. It’s a man and his grand-daughter singing and bungee jumping from your heart-strings.

Michael McIntyre coos:

I think we should make you as a doll ….Yes!”

Whoooh! Ted might be old, but he’s not dead. If anyone needs stuffing, it’s McIntyre.

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