Anorak News | Muslims Against Crusades Say Jihadis Plan To Attack Nazi Royal Wedding

Muslims Against Crusades Say Jihadis Plan To Attack Nazi Royal Wedding

by | 28th, April 2011

NEWS was that Islamist group Muslims Against Crusades has decided not to protest outside Westminster Abbey after police rejected its application to scream and shout. As a result of that, the EDL will not be hosting a counter-demo.

Only, when you can fit an entire movement into a hatchback, staging a protest is pretty easy. Today, a few fearless masked men calling themselves Muslims Against Crusades stood outside Parliament and were heckled by passers-by. This was billed as an impromptu press conference.

Anorak wonders if there is Muslims For Crusades group out there? Is every Muslim who is not in Muslim Against Crusades by definition a member of Muslim For Crusades?

Also, why do fascist Muslim groups say Prince Harry is a Nazi like it’s a bad thing (Image from MAC website).) Most Islamists think Nazis were just the ticket.  Hizbollah love a Nazi salute. And anti-Semites love using the Nazi motif to cosh Israelis, and, by association, all Jews. As Howard Jacobson says: “By brute consensus, now, Israel is the proof that Jews did not adequately learn the lesson of the Holocaust.”

You might suppose that this gang has been advised to stay away from Westminster because half a million British patriots armed with bunting and determined that no-one should get block their view would show the MAC lads what real violent obsession looks like.

The MAC, however, issue this press release:

Unfortunately, it is has recently come to our attention, from the sincere advice of reputable Muslim scholars and activists such as Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad and Sheikh Anjem Choudary, that the threat of an imminent attack against those attending the royal wedding on 29th April 2011, is too strong to substantiate the presence of any Muslims within the locality.

In light of this, Muslims against Crusades, would like to announce that in line with the very real possibility of a large scale attack on British soil, that we are left with no other alternative but to cancel the planned demonstration on 29th April 2011.

The site also includes the message:


Presumably because someone carrying a tray of fizzy drinks is trying to get past.

Here’s the group’s spokesman. And, yep, he is the most erudite of the bunch. As ever the message is clear: let the fanatics speak. The more they talk, the more ridiculous they look.

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