Anorak News | Prince Charles Flies By Jet To Talk About Sustainability

Prince Charles Flies By Jet To Talk About Sustainability

by | 3rd, May 2011

PRINCE Charles, the heir who invited us to “travel back in time to see the world as the ancients saw it“, ┬áhas gone by private jet the US to, among other things, talk about “sustainability” at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

While the Queen does duty with a dutiful grace, her son preens and preaches.

As he told Vanity Fair:

“I think people don’t quite understand how much it requires to put your head above the parapet … but I just feel deeply. I always have done. So I can only assume that it’s something that’s sort of inherent.”

Trouble is that when the arrows are fired, King Charles might find ducking out of the way not all that easy. Ask yourself this: what are the Queen’s views on the environment? Sport? Politics? France? EastEnders? Islam? Marriage?

Said Charles:

“All the time I feel I must justify my existence.”

His existence is one thing for his private moments. His duty is something other.

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