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Royal Wedding Royals: Kings And Queen’s Of Nowhere

by | 3rd, May 2011

DID you see all those Royals at the wedding of Kate and Wills? Weren’t they great? Some of them, admittedly, we had to look up in our pre-war atlas because although they’ve remained rocks in a sea of change, their countries have disappeared.

Hello! looked at the “CROWNED HEADS” in its massive souvenir issue.

We see King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece. The King is regent of a country that abolished his title in the 1970s. He lives is London, where he can keep a closer eye on those Elgin Marbles. The BBC made him feel at home by calling him “King Constantine of the Hellenes”, which makes Greece, a land of outrage and no money, seem like it was made up place where fairies go to comb dragon’s eyelashes.

Out next favourite was King Michael I of Romania and Crown Princess Margarita. Romania might not do royalty, but King Michael is an optimist who believes that one day there will be a King Michael II.

But our favourite Royals are Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia, accompanied by Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia.

They are regents of land that does not want them and having thrown them out changed its name to make re-entry problematic.

Still, after the failures of fascism, communism and capitalism fail, the locals may yet again welcome these knobs back to have another go…


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Guests mingle in Westminster Abbey in London where Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry later today.

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