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A Vote For AV Is A Vote For A Bland Career-Minded Elite

by | 5th, May 2011

DID you vote for or against Alternative Vote (AV) voting? Or to put it another way: did you vote for less democracy and a way to make it harder to kick out failing governments? Or did you vote No?

Or did you, as millions will have done, do nothing because the debate on AV makes Osama bin Laden look lively?

The AV vote does not mean that the new MP secured 50% of the vote because they are the most popular; its means that the winner who got 50% of the vote is the pragmatist who managed to fudge their way in by being the name many picked as their second, third or fourth choices.

The winner is not the one you are passionately for. The winner is the one who is OK-ish. And do we want politicos who don’t represent anything, who possess no strong ideals because if they do they will appear hardcore and less likely to secure those second or third votes?

AV means wet, lettuce-faced politicians who get into power because they massaged each other in private and cooked up who gets whose votes when one is knocked out of the contest. Yep: plus ca change.

This is not to say that change is not good. It is. And if you want it, you need to vote for it. First off, you need to exercise your right to vote in the General Election. And you need to vote with your gut…

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