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The Top Ten Voting Systems: The Mi6A4 Gas Ejected Assault Rifle

by | 6th, May 2011

IN answer to the Alternative Vote elite voting system, Anorak asks for your Top Ten Voting Systems. AV might not make the cut. Writes AGW:

No personal preference, but there seems to be an increase in the popularity of the proportional direct selection policy as evinced by the use of the Mi6A4 gas ejected assault rifle voting system. It is claimed to have been directly efficient during recent political discussion in Pakistan.

US Democrats are said to be so convinced of its effectiveness it may be de rigueur for Secretary Hillary Clinton in her upcoming meetings with troublesome Alaskan Sarah Palin.

Regrettably, from a Liberal viewpoint, there is a distinct and very powerful convincing democratic argument since the heavyweight clips are 30 rounds each and fired in bursts of three…Anorak’s required ten voting systems and all in under 60 seconds.

Oppositions parties are said to favour a more even-handed and directly broader selection system; such as a dirty nuclear device left in the bleachers during the next Super Bowl.

That’s the trouble with political selection systems, generally they end the process with all-powerful and totally corrupt elites.

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