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Taxi For Chris Huhne: A Tale of Revenge, Sex And Nick Clegg’s Salvation

by | 16th, May 2011

ONE by one the LibDems are mired. It’s the turn of Cabinet minister Chris Huhne. Did he get his then wife Vicky Pryce to accept his three penalty points for driving too fast past an Essex speed camera in 2003 to avoid him risking a driving ban?

The allegation is that when he received a police notice asking him whether he had been driving at the time of the offence, he entered his wife’s name without asking her. When the penalty notice was sent to her, she accepted the three points on her licence.

Now a tape has emerged in which Huhne is talking with Pryce. He is heard saying:

“There is no evidence for this story unless you give it some legs by saying something… The story they are trying to stand up is ‘Cabinet Minister persuaded XXX to take points’. The only way they can stand that up is by getting you to talk to them. There is simply no other person who could tell them whether it is true or not.”

If proven, Huhne is finished as politico and faces jail

Meanwhile, you should know that Huhne left Pryce, his wife of 26 years, last year following his affair with a Carina Trimingham.

Is revenge the motive? One other conspiracy theory is that Nick Clegg’s biggest rival to the LibDem leadership is Chris Huhne.

David Cameron owes Clegg a debt of gratitude for helping him to Downing Street. So, to this morning press briefing:

Lucy Manning (ITV): “Do you have full confidence in Chris Huhne?”
Cameron: “He denies the allegations”.

Damning stuff…

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