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Lawyers Sell New Magnificent-Injunctions: Ryan Giggs Offered Discount

by | 23rd, May 2011

SUPER-INJUNCTIONS are going cheap at your local law firm. Manchester United player Ryan Giggs is rumoured to be negotiating a two-for-one cash back offer on any future injunctions.

His last alleged super-injunction turned out to be faulty, lasting only a few weeks before breaking.

Which is why legal eagles ensure us that the new improved Magnificent–Injunction will last TWICE as long as the old super-injunction model and feature women with BIGGER tits and possibly an identical TWIN sister you can shag behind your wife’s back with impunity.

Anorak’s legal expert, Harold Camping QC, says:

“Magnificent-injunctions are guaranteed to work.  As the Bible says: “Thou shalt not lie down with the asses and topless Big Brother stunnas called Imogen Thomas out of wedlock and hide your sins beneath a shit in a shiny suit lest the world be consumed by a fiery ball of death at 6pm (GMT) on May 21, 2011, or thou be found out.”


Photo: Ryan Giggs and his daughter…LIBERTY.

Video: Giggs is outed in the House of Commons by MP John Hemmings. Ryan Giggs has yet to respond. Some experts believe he may the last person to know that Ryan Giggs is the footballer with the super-injunction.

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