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Imogen Thomas Interview: Ryan Giggs Cost Her £100,000 And Her Hair

by | 24th, May 2011

RYAN Giggs. Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs. Nice to be able to actually say his name out loud isn’t it? Thanks for falling on the sword John Hemming MP.

Anyway, all this Ryan Giggs business has been a unravelling farce which no-one can fully agree on.

Either way, there was a situation when many were saying his name over and over, while the press was gagged. The press didn’t like it and were always going to retaliate, which they’ll do in spades to the footballer who has caused his own Streisand Effect.

Meanwhile, caught in the middle of a freedom of speech row with a blank look on her face, is Imogen Thomas (who may well get done for the alleged blackmailing of Giggs, making this whole case even more murky and tiresome).

And poor ol’ Imogen is struggling to cope with the media frenzy that she initially thought she craved. The Big Brother 7 contestant, who we should point out for legal reasons ALLEGEDLY had an affair with Giggs, says she’s getting drunk to forget about the furore which is unfurling around her.

She says:

“Usually I only drink about once a week, if that, but now I’m drinking about 3 big glasses of wine a night. It just makes me feel better.”

Fascinating stuff.

“I just feel so stressed! The craziest day of my life. Emotionally exhausted!”

Thanks to press freedoms, Imogen is free to share that with you. While you digest that, and Imogen sets about becoming the celebrity face of liver transplants, her sister Alana Diaz is talking to New magazine about Imogen:

She’s a mess and she’s getting worse – she can’t sleep or face going out. She’s locked herself away at home…

She’s always crying and says, “What’s the point [in carrying on]?”

Hey, Imogen, hang on in there. The liver transplant gig mght be way off, but sex chat lines are plentiful and whatabout retraining as a good lawyer and fighting for freedom against tyranny?

…she’s on medication to help with her anxiety and antidepressants, too, I think. She used to suffer from alopecia and I’m concerned it’s going to come back.

Well, on a bright note, that should save on the waxing bills.

Imogen has always been a size 10-12, but now she’s gaunt and a size 6-8. It’s like she’s died inside.

A gaunt size 6 to 8, you say… Is she…? Can it be..? Is Imogen finally a WAG?

Anyhow, sis, has Imogen had an eating disorder?

Not at all but I’m worried she may become anorexic.

Liver… Anorexia… Depression… Hair loss… Imogen’s portfolio is growing by the moment. One charity has to book her in as their rep.

And Giggs?

He’s the one with responsibilities. There was no intention of it going any further but it did because they fell in love.

Yep. If there is one thing that stands out about this story it is love.

She falls for the wrong guys. She loves a bad boy.

Giggs? Giggs the family man whose alleged affair shocked many footy fans? Giggs, that awesome footballing talent who has never been controversial, is a bad boy..? Are we sure it was Giggs she shagged (allegedly) and not a look-alike?

I tell her, “Ims, get yourself a nice doctor or pilot that will look after you.” She says, “They’re too sweet for me.”

Oh, we dunno. Dr Harold Shipman had his naughty side. But, granted, there is no more solid type of male than the pilot, a breed who never have affairs or for the cabin crew high in the clouds.

Her sister then adds this:

This man has cost her a lot of opportunities. She can’t work and she’s probably lost between £50,000-£100,000. You could buy a house in Wales for that!

Sure. But would you want to live in it..?


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