Anorak News | Special Barack Obama Plays Muslim Ping-Pong In London: Photos

Special Barack Obama Plays Muslim Ping-Pong In London: Photos

by | 24th, May 2011

BARACK Obama and Michelle are in the UK. The relationship is no longer “special” between the UK and the USA. It is “essential“. We get fatty food and an Air Force. They get Jamie Oliver. It’s a decent trade. The UK should not complain. London is now officially the world’s No.1 target for both home-grown and holidaying terrorists. Outside Buckingham Palace, the usual men and women in black, their faces obscured by beard and mask, taught us with militant Islam you are never alone.

With their chants and flags, it’s high time these Islamists got a football team they can get behind. Waiting for Poppy Day and Presidential visits is all well and good, but televised matches will spread the word so much more regularly. What about getting behind Arsenal – Osama bin Laden liked the Gunners? And in your black clobber, the fans will single you out for a refrain often directed at referees. Hey, they only mock what they fear. Think on.

The Obamas then met with Prince Williamsand Princess Catherine. And later David Cameron and Obama played ping-pong.


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Queen Elizabeth II signs the guest book as she bids farewell to US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, watch by the Duke of Edinburgh at Winfield House - the residence of the Ambassador of the United States of America - in Regent's Park, London.

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