Anorak News | James Brown Makes Excuse Laden Apology For Racist Attack On Ben Douglas

James Brown Makes Excuse Laden Apology For Racist Attack On Ben Douglas

by | 30th, May 2011

JAMES Brown is the hairdresser who called Ben Douglas a nigger eight times at the Baftas wards. Brown is white. Douglas is black. Doulgas named no names. But he did provide clues, so making the story grow bigger and bigger.

He said the swine “numbers Kate Moss and Lily Allen”. He called the abuser a “leading figure in the fashion world”.

He said that he had been abused while at “a supposedly elegant soirée of educated, liberal individual, not a BNP fundraiser at an inner-city boozer”.

Douglas says Brown called his friend “a nigger’s bitch”.

With little option, Douglas seeps out. He offers the classic public apology:

“The simple truth is that I had drunk far too much on the evening and my behaviour was totally unacceptable.”

Note the low-level background excuse to salve the “simple truth”. Brown states that he will not make any excuses, while listing an excuse he could make were he to make an excuse.

Everyone who knows me knows I am not racist in any way whatsoever…”

Because anyone who has a black friend calls his lover a “nigger’s bitch”.  You who do not know might hear a man call another man a nigger and think him a racist. But if you know him, you know that you are mistaken.

“…but this incident has shown me that my drinking is way out of control and I need to take urgent measures to deal with it.”

Here Douglas paints himself as the victim. It’s not him – it’s his condition. He needs not condemnation. He needs help. All drunks are known to call black people “niggers”. It’s the booze talking in its own ugly language. The booze, drear readers, is a racist sod. I’m a nice guy.

“I have been in touch with Mr Douglas and will be writing to him and to the Bafta organisers to apologise personally. I am very sorry and very embarrassed.”

He is hurt and outraged.

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