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Another Madeleine McCann Spreads Fear In The Algarve: Daily Star Spreads Fear

by | 14th, June 2011

MADELEINE McCann: The Daily Star’s Jonathan Corke says the Algarve is just waiting for another Maddie to happen. And only CCTV can prevent it:

BRITISH children on holiday in Portugal’s Algarve are still “wide open” to another Madeleine McCann-style abduction because authorities refuse to install CCTV.

She vanished in 2007. There have been no similar vanishing since. Why the fear now? And why only British kids?

Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry have long believed a camera network in the region may have helped prevent her disappearance or helped in the search.

Indeed. Had cameras been trained on every door and window on the fateful night when the great story began, we may well know more.

Despite a campaign to have a CCTV network covering the Algarve holiday resorts, officials say they cannot justify the cost.

It’s just about the money, then?

Now there are fears that without the deterrent another child could be snatched.

Why now?

Former Algarve tourism chief Antonio Pina said: “For many years I have been fighting for CCTV in the Algarve as this would help the situation of increasing the police presence and creating a better feeling of security. Unfortunately, I have found that those in authority have a very small mentality when it comes to introducing this measure. This is a simple answer and it is crazy that it has not already been brought in.”

The Daily Star then tells us:

In the UK there are more than 4.2million CCTV cameras capturing each person up to 300 times a day. Portugal’s lack of cameras has meant that in the four years since she vanished from Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, Madeleine has not been caught on film once.

Well, the real Madeleine McCann hasn’t been seen on CCTV. At least twice.

The couple’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate and Gerry would welcome the idea of greater surveillance in areas like that where families are on holiday.”

What if a paedo got a job operating the CCTV cameras trained on the beaches? What then?

The thinking seems to be that Portugal is backward in its attitude to CCTV. With CCTV, children do not go missing – and if they do, they get found. And that’s odd, because we’re often being told that thousands of children go missing in the UK. People like Shannon Matthews. Indeed, it was Corke who told us:

An estimated 150 children a year are victims of Madeleine McCann-style abductions in Britain.

And we are also told that CCTV doesn’t work. It’s not cost effective. So. Is it a matter of cash, as the Star says? No. The Portuguese constitution is clear:

Everyone is accorded the rights to personal identity, to the development of personality, to civil capacity, to citizenship, to a good name and reputation, to their image, to speak out, to protect the privacy of their personal and family life, and to legal protection against any form of discrimination.

Such are the facts…

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