Anorak News | Aged Princess Diana Appears With Duchess Catherine On Newsweek’s Magazine Cover: Photos

Aged Princess Diana Appears With Duchess Catherine On Newsweek’s Magazine Cover: Photos

by | 29th, June 2011

QUEEN of our hearts, Princess Diana, appears on the latest issue of Newsweek, photoshopped together with Duchess Catherine. That’d be Kate Middleton to you, who is waltzing around with one of Diana’s rings on. Anyway, the thought of the two together isn’t that strange as Diana would’ve been Middleton’s mother-in-law had she not careered into the inside of a Paris tunnel.

However, what is causing a kerfuffle is the fact that Newsweek have ‘shopped Diana’s image so it looks old. It would appear that whoever did the hatchet job hasn’t ever seen a 50 year old woman before, making Diana look like a regal Mumm-Ra.

Of course, twitter has exploded with outrage and horror at it all, glaring at the picture like Diana has been turned into a stumbling zombie (that would have been hilarious actually) with bits of flesh falling off her decaying skull.

One twitter user says:

Newsweek’s zombie Diana cover basically exhumes the late Princess so she can shop with Catherine

Another tweeter, missing the irony of Diana’s eating disorder, said:

Vomit rises in the throat.

The magazine goes on to speculate about the things Diana would be doing if she were alive. The magazine’s editor Tina Brown, says:

“Remarriage? At least two, I suspect, on both sides of the Atlantic”

“She’d be a power player at Davos and the Clinton Global Initiative; have collected record-breaking damages in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal; and even reconciled with Prince Charles. She’d also have had to learn how to share the spotlight with Kate Middleton.”

Baffling. Utterly, utterly baffling.


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