Anorak News | Liverpool Daughters Who Left Dead Grandma To Rot Are Jailed

Liverpool Daughters Who Left Dead Grandma To Rot Are Jailed

by | 1st, July 2011

HAZEL Maddock, 61, has been sentenced to 11 months jail for leaving her dead mother, Oliver Maddock, 95, unburied and rotting in the family home on Saltburn Road in Wallasey. She did it to continue to claim dear old mum’s benefits – it being what she would have wanted.

Also at Liverpool Crown Court was Hazel’s daughter, the fragrant Jasmine Maddock, 35. She received a 26-week suspended prison sentence. Woe betide her if she does it again to another of her grannies.

For her pains, Hazel Maddock scooped one payment of her dead mother’s state pension of £176.92 and a single payment of pension credit of £34.44.

Judge Gerald Clifton was damning, literally:

“What you did was a gross effrontery to the natural decent behaviour of most good people in similar positions throughout the land. Honour thy father and mother all the days they live, says the Book of Exodus. Giving burial is one the most important of those acts of honour.”

The fruits of her loins were no longer living at Oliver’s home when neighbours complained of the smell. The place was infested with mice and flies.

When arrested, Hazel Maddock uttered the immortal line:

I’m no expert I didn’t know if she was dead I went in the room and she grabbed my leg and that really freaked me out so I didn’t go back in.”

It’s a small mercy that as Hazel fled in terror Olive’s hand didn’t go with her.

But the best line comes from the mouth of one Sarah Phelan, who was making a play of defending Hazel Maddock, when she said that when Olive died they “buried their heads in the sand“.

And they would have buried Olive’s too, had only she asked…

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