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Phone Hacking: The Police And Media Are Symbiotic – It’s The State You Should Fear

by | 6th, July 2011

PHONE Hacking: IT remainsĀ an utter disgrace the hacks and hackettes in charge of The News of the World are not putting their hands up to the crimes they have committed. Tapping telephones and bribing policemen, who ever heard the like?

It is a disgrace:
The News of World has carried out these heinous acts under a banner of the non-existent Right to Reveal and Tell All and the Right of the Fourth Estate to terrorise it’s own readers.

It is a disgrace:
photographs are still staged as news events by ambitious and greedy Freelance cameramen anxious to get the exclusive shot which does not exist until it is faked. Sweets in rubbish tips are always good for getting starving urchins (from whatever part of the world) seemly frantically digging through muck heaps for food.

It is a disgrace:
The News of the World is being singled out to face these allegations on its own since sister newspapers and media are all at it.

It is a sham: when other media outlets claim to be whiter than white in the scramble to get the vital ratings and readerships to attract ….not readers but advertising Big Bucks.

Just before you allow the moral outrage to bury the true facts. Think On.

It is not also a disgrace police use large broadcast outlets as a means to interview suspects on their behalf? (As in the hunt for the killer of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman …Soham)

It is also not a crime police, legal teams (defence and prosecution) and media (all media) are symbiotic and eat, sleep with , drink and brief (debrief) each other? There are few police major cases which have not had a close working relationship between reporters and investigators when the scramble to a solution is desperately sought (Moat..Rothbury, Northumberland) and just about every serial killer you can think of was privately named to crime reporters long before arrests and charges were made.

Surely it should be a crime for angry mums to barricade sex-offender register individuals in their social house homes on embittered estates? Gossip is dangerous to the health of people who have paid their debt to society and are no longer considered worthy of incarceration?

Just before the axe descends (as it will) on the necks of the newly branded guilty should it not also be an outlawed offence for Her Britannic Majesty’s Government and Civil Servants to record every single telephone conversation you ever make…on a whim. Should it also be a prison sentence for those who want suppress the use and freedoms enjoyed via this media and the net?

Be very careful what you wish for in this latest outcry. The Government of Great Britain is the largest holder of information on each and every one of the Queen’s subjects… that is what UK residents are… subjects, not one is a citizen in the true sense of a country which has no Bill of Rights or even a common legal system in a country made up of separate Kingdoms. You are the most watched and spied upon group of residents in the entire world. You will be hard-pressed to find any totalitarian government which holds more information about its great unwashed than the UK.

Right Now you have very few rights the few you have were gained by the pressures applied by the occasional free-thinking politico and a small section of the baying press pack determined to uphold an area of its work often forgotten — the Duty of Advocacy for those unwilling, too suppressed or unable to defend themselves.

The one fact every journalist who works closely with police, government and its agents will tell you is the same view as held by the police and government…they do not trust each other as far as Good Queen Elizabeth ll could throw them.

All “free” nations would be much poorer places without the vile press pack which scream at, niggle and force freely-elected politicians to keep a semi-reasonable course.

Sometime the system fails. Iraq, Afghanistan, corrupt or grossly incompetent bankers and businesses stand out over the last decade.

Sometime things are missed but while condemning the excesses be glad of the odd major success.


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File photo dated 02/07/2009 of News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks who said today she was "appalled and shocked" by allegations that a private investigator working for the News of the World hacked into schoolgirl Milly Dowler's phone after she went missing.

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