Anorak News | Horsebic Is Horse Riding Without The Horse: A Craze Is Born (Video)

Horsebic Is Horse Riding Without The Horse: A Craze Is Born (Video)

by | 6th, July 2011

HORSEBIC is great. It’s horse riding for those of you who can’t be bothered with the horse. The Horsebic website informs:

New innovation from Finland – trademark for physical education. Horsebic lessons are designed to support especially horse riding, but they suit to non-riders too.

Horsebic improves flexibility, balance, concentration, muscles of the middle as well as riding skills. Movements resemble  aerobic-type lessons, but the language is from horse riding.


H   happiness

O   option for traditional work-out

R   riding without a horse

S   sportsmanship

E   education

B   balance

I    international

C   co-operation

Horsebic might be the career you’re looking for:

Do you want to have Horsebic to your country? If you are a professional fitness trainer or instructor and want to have something new for your customers, Horsebic might be one option.

Horsebic consept gives 15 new lessons for the instructors every 6 months. The name of the first course is Horsebic for beginners. There we learn how to walk, trot and canter as a horse. We learn the basics of show jumping and we go out to the fields as riding school horses. There is allways something new coming up to experience!

Let’s Horsebic now!

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