Anorak News | Creepy Taylor Momsen Gets Women To Strip Off While She Gyrates On Stage (Video And Photos)

Creepy Taylor Momsen Gets Women To Strip Off While She Gyrates On Stage (Video And Photos)

by | 11th, July 2011

THERE are people in this world who just can’t get enough attention. They crave it so much that they’re prepared to fling away their dignity just so we take some notice of them. However, in the case of Taylor Momsen – star of Gossip Girl and now treading the sticky floors of various gig pits with The Pretty Reckless – she’s prepared to lose everyone else’s dignity too.

Momsen – who we must remember is a mere SEVENTEEN years old – is rather fond of getting her boobs out in an attempt to shock all concerned. At one show, she got her rack out while her mum was stood in the front row. Was mother dearest egging her on? Seeing as Momsen was a child-star (she was in The Grinch and was very nearly chosen for the lead role in Hannah Montana), there’s a strong chance she’s the kind of pushy mother who will do anything to have fame, vicariously.

Anyway, at a show in Spain, Momsen was wheeling out her faux-shock routine before deciding that she’d go for the kind of female empowerment that men really like. Basically, the kind of reclaiming your femininity that you can masturbate over.

And so, Taylor commanded the girls of the audience to get on-stage and whip their tops off so we could all ogle their bras.

However, the problem here is, is that everyone on-stage looks incredibly young, making any potential bouts of orgasmic self-abuse rather tricky, turning us all into creeps peering in the high school locker room.

So basically, if you watch this video, we’re all going to go to prison together… but it won’t be so bad because half of the News of the World staff will be in there and they’ll have stories about famous people having sex with 10 year olds or something to make us feel better about our accidental disgusting pleasure.


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