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Ashley Cole Services Cheryl In The Bath (Photos)

by | 15th, July 2011

CHERLY Cole and Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole are back together. The nation sweetheart’s search for another “Cole” to match her neck tattoo proved futile. George Cole (too old), Ole King Cole (too gay) and Cole Porter (too dead) were not right, or too busy to get with Chezza.

So. Cheryl was left with three stark choices:

1. Adapt the tattoo and marry David Coleman
2. Wear her hair down
3. Get back with Ashley

She went for option 3 and the rest is so much insight in Heat magazine, wherein we learn that:

“Ash gets her midnight snacks of toast. When she wants tea, Ash jumps up to make it. She likes smoking in the bath, so he’ll bring her an ashtray.”

And Ashley does all the ironing.

Either loyal Ashley is keen to leave the room and pop out to “fetch” things for his beloved – when she orders the midnight Peking duck she may care to hang onto Ashley’s phone; or Cheryl Cole sees marriage as an alternative to getting a maid…


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