Anorak News | Save Our Chip Shops: Salt That Tastes Of Dry Vinegar Is An Abomination

Save Our Chip Shops: Salt That Tastes Of Dry Vinegar Is An Abomination

by | 18th, July 2011

ANORAK is worried by Lefteris Eleftheriou, owner of the Grimsby Fisheries chiperie in Welford Road, Leicester. He wants to show you some stuff that tastes like salt and vinegar in one dose. He says the powder is terrific because it does not make your chips go soggy.

The boffins at Kerry Ingredients and Flavours have toiled “under the guidance of the 53-year-old chip shop owner and his customers” to produce something no connoisseur of fish and chips should ever use. The thrill of finding the dry chip among the moist and vice versa must not to be denied by this faddish science.

Anorak favours vinegar before salt. This allows the liquid to seep into the crisp slivers of fried potatoes and then the salt to bind to it. It’s not art but it comes pretty close to the sublime.

Says Lefteris:

“We were looking for the right blend and I think with this fourth sample we’ve found it. It can be sprinkled like salt, but is not too strong a taste.”

And then the sop to the health police:

“It also has a third less sodium than normal salt, so it is a healthy option too. It also has no allergens, so anyone can enjoy it… this dry salt and vinegar sprinkle could soon become an industry-wide product.”

Someone called Seraphino Fernandez, 42, is wheeled up to say:

“Why didn’t anybody think of this before? I think it’s great. I can’t tell the difference.”

People did think of it before. They think of all sorts of things to coat bits of fried potatoes with. These inventions are called CRISPS.

You might expect so-called experts from Leicester – where local boy Gary Lineker peddles his fatty snacks – to know that…

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