Anorak News | Amy Winehouse: A Reader Apology – Exclusive To All Media

Amy Winehouse: A Reader Apology – Exclusive To All Media

by | 27th, July 2011

OLD MR ANORAK is just returned from the media’s WIMO working breakfast – Winehouse…In My Opinion – and would now like to present a joint statement on the matter of Amy Winehouse.

OVER the past years, readers may have fallen into the trap of perceiving Amy Winehouse as an overrated drug-addled, skank-haired, bone-thin, promiscuous, tattooed junkie whose only chance of achieving credibility in pop music was to drop needed to drop dead and join the “27 Club”.

It is sad that in this day and age so many readers should approach our words with their minds already set against brave Amy.

A moral dyslexia takes over their minds, leading to headlines such as “SLEEP TIGHT” (Mirror), “SLEEP TIGHTER” (Sun) and “CAMDEN’S ANGEL” (All papers).

Now that Amy Winehouse is dead, we only hope that readers begin to see that Amy is not only talented, courageous and the epitome of the Blitz Spirit but a role model to the nation’s young and old.

We invite all readers to join our campaign to end reader bias by signing our campaign:

Though people might say Amy Winehouse is a danger to our kids and a bad role model, I do not! And I never will (again)…


On a separate note, Anorak would like to say that my dad is buried at fashionable Edgwarebury Cemetery. Speaking through the medium of RIPper he tells us that the Amy he knows is in a better place. She is just glad that her death has enabled lots of stars to emote on Twitter in 140 characters or less about her inner demons, her suicide, how death is the best Rehab and the Amy they knew…


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Amy Winehouse arrives at Westminster Magistrates Court on the second of a trial for alleged assault.

Special readers offer: the Wino Snow Globe, by 14.

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