Anorak News | Madeleine McCann Spotted In India: French And Belgian Couple Help Police

Madeleine McCann Spotted In India: French And Belgian Couple Help Police

by | 28th, July 2011

MADELEINE McCann has been spotted in…India. She was with a Belgian and French couple.

To date, Our Maddie has been spotted in:

Canada,ItalySwedenPortugalSpainMoroccoMajorca,BelgiumBosniaFranceAustraliaBrazil,Wales, MaltaItalyGermanyAustrialia, France, DubaiDorset, USA and New Zealand (by boat).

The Tribune India says the ‘sighting’ was on the 22nd July

Says Anorak reader Karen:

It’s now being reported as breaking news today on ITV Central and it’s also in the Mail:

At one point an American man is said to have tried to take the girl from the couple. However the French woman and her Belgian husband insist that they are the parents of the girl.

Police in the city have taken swabs so that DNA tests can be carried out on the youngster.

As she says:

Is it her or are all girls who resemble her going to be treated like this at some stage?

It would be nice if it’s her but what about those poor, innocent parents if it isn’t?

How long does it take to get the results of DNA tests?

The report says:

High drama prevailed in the busy Fort Road market of the city last night when three persons identified a six-year-old girl as Madeleine McCann, a British girl who went missing while on a holiday in Portugal in 2007.

Madeleine McCann would not be six. As reader June says:

Where are the parents? But its probably just another ‘sighting’ no names of the people involved at all.

But attempting to remove the child??? very bad form – not everyone will be that ‘sympathetic’ that its ok to do that.

The eye defect is miniscule anyway and you would have to get very close indeed to see it, and isn’t MM 8 now and not 6 as reported

Karen adds:

SkyPhilippa Philippa Hall (Sky News presenter)
Our producer in Delhi as spoken to police, who say they’ve not heard about the DNA test or sighting of Madeleine #mccann.

ITVCentral Leh police tell ITV News there is no child resembling #Madeleine #McCann in their custody and they are not aware of any such incident.

So where did the news come from then?

We do not know. We guess the local Leh police, who, reportedly, told the Chandigarh Tribune in India that they had taken copies of the girl’s “parents'” passports – and:

“‘It all depends upon the evidence like DNA for which help from Madeleine’s parents and the British police was required.’

Over in the Mail we learn from the McCanns’ PR Clarence Mitchell:

“Kate and Gerry do not believe the child seen in India was Madeleine. They have seen photographic evidence and concluded that it was not her.

“We remain grateful for people’s vigilance around the world. Madeleine is still out there and the search for her very much continues.”

The Express seizes on the sighting of an unnamed six-year-old girl who is not Madeleine McCann to yell:
Such are the facts…

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